Robinhood Launches Self-Custody Wallet, Poop Emoji Sells for $28K

Robinhood Launches Self-Custody Wallet

• Robinhood has launched its self-custody crypto wallet for Apple devices.
• Users can earn a one-time reward of up to 5 USD Coin (USDC) if they transfer $10 to the wallet app using their Robinhood Crypto wallets.
• If users initiate the transfer from another wallet or exchange, they can claim a 1 USDC reward for doing so.

Justin Sun Calls for Unified Crypto Regulation

Tron DAO (TRX) founder and Huobi Global adviser Justin Sun said regulations are beneficial for the crypto industry, and added that a globally unified rule would complement the spirit of blockchain in an exclusive interview he gave CNBC. He explained that blockchain technology emerged to set a global standard for financial interactions, and therefore an international regulatory framework would be a good fit for the crypto industry.

Former Biden Adviser Urges Development of Digital Dollar

Former Joe Biden administration adviser Daleep Singh told the senate banking committee on Feb. 28 that developing a central bank digital currency — i.e., a digital dollar — would help safeguard national interest and supersede private cryptocurrency use by creating an alternative asset with similar characteristics as traditional fiat currencies such as dollars, euros and yen.

Poop Emoji Ordinal Sold For $28K

In other news, Huobi Token (HT) advisor Justin Sun recently sold his artwork “The Poop Emoji Oridinal” — consisting of 10 trillion poop emojis arranged in order on Ethereum’s layer two network Polygon — at auction on Feb 28th to anonymous buyer „Yummy“ for 28 million HT ($28k). The artwork was created with Binance’s AI art generator “Binary Star” which utilizes machine learning algorithms to generate artworks based on user input data points.

Coinbase Sees Surge In BUSD Volumes

Finally, Coinbase reported that it had seen over $10 billion worth of volumes in its BUSD stablecoin since its launch last fall according to data from market analytics firm Skew Marketsource: Coinbase blog post