Crypto Liquidations: Caught in the Crossfire of 2021’s Bull Market

• Market pricing in rate hike due to jobs data
• Bitcoin and gold shine amid banking crisis
• Long and short liquidations shape the crypto market’s future

Market Pricing in Rate Hike Due to Jobs Data

The market has started to price in a 10% chance of a 25bps rate hike, due to recent jobs data. This could potentially have an impact on cryptocurrency markets, as investors take this into consideration when making trading decisions.

Bitcoin and Gold Shine Amid Banking Crisis

The Federal Reserve recently hiked rates to their highest since 2008, creating an uncertain economic environment. In such times, Bitcoin and gold come as safe havens for investors looking for stability and potential returns.

Caught In The Crossfire: Liquidations Shape Crypto Markets

Long and short liquidations play a crucial role in shaping the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As we enter 2021’s bull market or 2023’s neutral landscape, understanding these dynamics is key for successful investing.

Examining Factors Driving Liquidations

To gain insight into the captivating dynamics of cryptocurrency liquidations, we analyze factors such as leverage, whale activity, and shifting market sentiment. These can help provide clues about how long or short liquidation cycles may occur throughout different cycles in the crypto markets.


As profit realization continues to rise with aSOPR holding steady above 1.0 since March’s SVB collapse, it is important for investors to stay informed about the latest developments in liquidity rollercoasters across different markets. By understanding how long and short liquidations shape the crypto landscape through 2021’s bull market or 2023’s neutral landscape, investors can make more informed trading decisions that will have a lasting impact on their portfolios.