Ben.eth Vows to Refund Victims After $170k in Steve Aoki Hack Losses

• Steve Aoki’s Twitter account was hacked leading to a $170k phishing scam.
• Ben.eth, the founder of PSYOP, unintentionally quote tweeted the scam and promised to refund victims.
• Zachxbt alerted Ben.eth who deleted the tweet and asked for victims to reach out via email for refunds.

Steve Aoki Twitter Account Hacked

The Twitter account of musician Steve Aoki was recently hacked leading to a phishing scam that cost victims roughly $170,000 in Ethereum funds. On-chain sleuth Zachxbt tweeted about the incident on May 26th after he heard from those affected by the scam.

Ben.eth Unintentionally Quote Tweeted Scam

Ben.eth, the founder of PSYOP, unwittingly quote tweeted the post containing the phishing link thinking it was from the real Steve Aoki. After hearing about those affected by his mistake, he immediately deleted his tweet and offered to refund everyone who had their funds stolen if they contacted him via email with proof of their losses.

Zachxbt Alerts Ben.eth

Zachxbt quickly raised awareness of this issue and contacted Ben.eth when he realized what happened so that he could help prevent further losses by removing his tweet as soon as possible.

Steve Aoki Has Not Responded

So far, Steve Aoki has not made any statement regarding this hack and has yet to respond to CryptoSlate’s request for comment on this matter either publicly or privately at this time..

Refunds Offered By Ben.eth

In response to what happened, Ben eth is offering refunds for anyone who lost funds due to his mistaken tweet if they contact him via email with proof of their losses in order to receive compensation for what was taken from them during this unfortunate incident..