Accept USDT Now: Tether-KriptonMarket Partnership Helps Argentinians

• The Department of Justice has charged a Nevada man for his involvement in a $45 million CoinDeal crypto scheme.
• The U.S. Treasury sanctioned the Tether address belonging to Huriya CEO over alleged connections to Russia.
• Worldcoin is facing privacy concerns as an iris scan black market has emerged, and Cardano’s Hoskinson called Ethereum Classic a “scam” after Ergo was excluded from the Proof-of-Work Summit.

DOJ Charges Man Involved In CoinDeal Crypto Scheme

The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently charged a Nevada man for his involvement in a $45 million CoinDeal crypto scheme. According to reports, the accused allegedly defrauded multiple investors by making false representations about how their funds would be used and failed to disclose the true risks of investing in digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

US Treasury Sanctions Huriya CEO’s Tether Address

The U.S. Treasury recently sanctioned the Tether address belonging to the Huriya CEO due to alleged ties with Russia’s government officials and intelligence services. This marks yet another action taken by American authorities against entities connected with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, who are being targeted for sanctions due to their interference in U.S elections and other activities deemed hostile towards America’s national security interests.

WorldCoin Facing Privacy Concerns

Worldcoin is currently facing privacy concerns as an iris scan black market has emerged that could potentially allow individuals access to biometric verification without permission or consent from users themselves. This could pose serious risks, especially when it comes to personal data security, which is why Worldcoin is taking steps towards ensuring that all its users‘ information remains secure while also promoting privacy-focused features within its platform so that users can have peace of mind when using its services.

Cardano’s Hoskinson Calls Ethereum Classic A „Scam“

Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson recently called Ethereum Classic a “scam” following Ergo’s exclusion from the Proof-of-Work Summit earlier this month due to what he believes was biased decision making on part of Ethereum developers who were involved in organizing the event . He argued that ETC was not given sufficient time or opportunity for discussion during the summit despite having been around since 2015, thereby implying unfair treatment towards it compared to other projects featured at the event such as Ethereum 2X and Zcash 2X which had only just been launched days before it took place.

Tether KriptonMarket Partnership Allows Small Argentinian Businesses To Accept USDT

Tether has entered into a partnership with fiat on-and off-ramp solution KriptonMarket that will allow small businesses located in Argentina accept payments made via USDT stablecoins instead of traditional fiat currencies like Pesos or US Dollars which are prone inflationary pressures due high inflation rates in country right now . This partnership can help redressing economic imbalances by allowing merchants pay bills and part employee salaries USDT , thus providing them more stability relative local currency which highly volatile .