Ver Faces $20.86M Claim From Crypto Lender Genesis Subsidiary

• A subsidiary of bankrupt crypto lender Genesis, GGC International Limited, has filed a $20.86 million claim against Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent Roger Ver.
• The embattled firm alleged that Ver failed to settle cryptocurrency options trades that expired on Dec. 30, 2022.
• Crypto exchange CoinFLEX previously accused Roger Ver of owing it $47 million USDC and later filed a $84 million claim against the investor.

Crypto lender Genesis has been making headlines recently, this time due to a lawsuit filed by its subsidiary GGC International Limited against Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent Roger Ver. The embattled firm has filed a $20.86 million claim against Ver, alleging that he failed to settle cryptocurrency options trades that expired on Dec. 30, 2022.

This is not the first time that Ver has been in hot water. Crypto exchange CoinFLEX previously accused him of owing it $47 million USDC. The exchange later filed a $84 million claim against the investor, which Ver denied.

GGC International Limited is a British Virgin Islands company that is fully owned by Genesis. The company carries out spot trading activity and enters into derivatives referencing digital assets as a principal, according to the bankrupt lender website. The company has requested the court to award it the fees it expended in bringing the case against Ver. Ver has been given 20 days to answer the allegations, otherwise a judgment will be taken against him by default.

It remains to be seen how the case will play out, but it is clear that there is a lot at stake for Ver. The crypto space has been rocked by a number of high profile cases recently, and this could be another in a long line of them. It will be interesting to see how the court will rule on the matter and if Ver is indeed liable for the claims brought against him.

Alameda Research’s $65B Credit Line With FTX Sparks Debate

• Court filings have revealed that Alameda Research had a $65 billion artificial credit line with FTX.
• Thailand has established rules for crypto exchanges and digital wallet management.
• Other news includes Polygon’s hard fork, Ethereum’s rising gas expenditure, a decline in Kazakhstan’s mining hashrate, and Silvergate’s $1 billion loss.

Cryptocurrency news was abuzz today with the reveal that Alameda Research had a $65 billion artificial credit line with FTX. Court filings in the FTX bankruptcy case made this information public and included a deck detailing the current findings relative to FTX group funds. The deck included an illustration of the FTX liquidation process alongside a code sample that allegedly represented the Alameda backdoor.

According to the filing, Alameda was exempt from auto-liquidation and wasn’t required to post any real collateral for trades. This means that Alameda was allowed to trade with artificial credits, which was 43,000% more than the credit line available to FTX market makers. This news has sparked debate and controversy in the crypto community as many are questioning the ethics and legality of this kind of transaction.

In other news, Thailand has established rules that will require all crypto companies to have a digital wallet management system. This mandate has been put in place in order to ensure that crypto exchanges and wallets operate in compliance with local regulations. The new system will also facilitate greater control and transparency in the Thai crypto market.

Polygon has completed its hard fork and is now fully launched on the Ethereum mainnet. The hard fork was necessary for the implementation of Ethereum 2.0 and has been welcomed by the crypto community.

Ethereum’s weekly gas expenditure has been on the rise, a sign that the network is becoming increasingly active. This is due to the increasing number of transactions occurring on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Kazakhstan’s mining hashrate has seen a decline over the past few weeks, likely due to the increasing difficulty of mining. This could be a sign that miners are becoming less interested in the Kazakh market, potentially due to the recent regulatory changes.

Silvergate has posted a $1 billion loss due to an “accounting error”. The company has stated that the loss was due to an “accounting error in the first quarter of 2021” and that the error has since been rectified.

Finally, research on mining company holdings has indicated that the bitcoin halving has caused a significant shift in the industry. The halving has caused miners to shift their strategy from short-term profits to long-term investments. This shift has been reflected in the holdings of major mining companies, which now have a higher percentage of their funds invested in cryptocurrencies.

FTX’s Assets Revealed: $5B in Transactions, $1.6B in Crypto

• FTX’s total assets have been disclosed in a new court filing, totaling roughly $5B of transactions under review.
• Of these assets, $1.6B were crypto assets, $1.9B were attributed to Alameda between hot wallets and BitGo custody, and $181M were recovered from FTX US tied to BitGo custody accounts.
• The largest illiquid holding was Serum (SRM), with a value of $1.9 billion, followed by SOLETH and MAPS at $561 million and $521 million respectively., a cryptocurrency exchange, recently had their total assets revealed in a new court filing, totaling roughly $5 billion of transactions under review. Of these assets, $1.6 billion were crypto assets, with the largest illiquid holding being Serum (SRM), with a value of $1.9 billion. This was followed by SOLETH and MAPS at $561 million and $521 million respectively.

Alongside the crypto assets, $1.9 billion were attributed to Alameda between hot wallets and BitGo custody, and $181 million were recovered from FTX US tied to BitGo custody accounts. This was in addition to the $90 million that was ‚hacked‘ by an insider alleged to be SBF, though he denied this accusation in Twitter Spaces prior to his arrest.

Due to the disparity between the $1.6 billion in crypto assets and the $5.5 billion in total assets recovered by FTX Debtors, a shortfall was declared by the investigators. This included a significant amount of the MAPS tokens, with FTX holding 15% of the total market cap of the project. This has meant that offloading the MAPS tokens would likely have a detrimental effect on the project’s market cap, making it difficult and risky for FTX to liquidate these assets.

Ultimately, this court filing has shed light on the assets held by FTX, revealing a significant amount of illiquid tokens as well as a shortfall in assets. It remains to be seen how FTX will resolve this issue and what the effects of liquidating the illiquid assets will be.

Bitcoin Method Review | Scam or Legit?

Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies appear to hold the promise of the next century. Both have gained significant popularity in the past decade because of the growing curiosity across the world. The potential for profit from cryptocurrency is an important aspect to consider because the technology is relatively still relatively new to the market. The technology is without doubt, profitable, along has many advantages.

The cryptocurrency market has grown significantly in the past decade as innovations continue to advance. Recently the use of bitcoin trading robots has been made available for trading cryptocurrency. They are developed to be able to predict the market and fluctuations in price. This is important because the primary objective is to generate profitable profits that are reliable.

Bitcoin Method

Understanding the Bitcoin Method

It is important to comprehend the nature of crypto. It is crucial to understand how to utilize its features to benefit in the system. It is the Bitcoin Method is kind of program that is utilized to trade cryptocurrency. It was developed by Mike Lewis, the software is intended to work like an intelligent robot that employs computer techniques to perform specific tasks within the market for cryptocurrency.

The technology is said to be an enormous breakthrough as it can provide data for cryptocurrency traders. It is able to analyze and research the cryptocurrency market and offer estimates of which trades may possibly be profitable. Based on reports from users that have made profits, the amount could vary from $1000 to $1500 much less than the $13,000 claimed by some.

Other functions of the software include trading chart analysis, as well as searching through market news and information. It is designed to not be monitored by the users. This is because it will make trades automatically for users. Only 20 minutes per day are needed for monitoring the user or monitoring. The algorithms used are complex, yet they have been designed to be as decentralized as they can be in all the functions it performs. Based on the web site The Crypto Method provides a tutorial about how the software works to show its success within the crypto industry.

Genuity of Bitcoin Method

Because of the advanced technology and claims of automation it is possible to have lots of questions regarding how much trust users have in the software. If it’s genuine and trustworthy is an essential aspect for anyone who wants to utilize it. This is especially important due to the increasing number of fraudsters in the cryptocurrency market. Making the decision to utilize robots is a matter of complete confidence since it is investing your money in it. Security is the first priority as well as safetyare essential aspects to consider. There are always risks. The risk involved is provided to the user by providing some credibility to the software. It is important to be transparent and is a feature that other software might not always be transparent about.

In addition to security and safety and regulations for brokers as well as the withdrawal system and the name that it has earned from its current customers will determine whether the software will be able to attract more customers. One thing that is for certain is the authenticity of the program since it has been scrutinized and has gained popularity through being employed by some of the most renowned traders in the business.

The Inner Workings of Bitcoin Method

Computers are much more efficient and precise than human beings. This is crucial when dealing with trading software like Crypto Method. Knowing how it functions gives greater insight into the reasons why customers can be confident in the software. The decisions made in trading are crucial for every user to earn as much profit as they can. A robot that can do this for you makes it easier to handle and allows the traders to concentrate on other tasks.

It makes use of it’s ML as well as AI trading algorithms to perform big analysis of data. Through these methods, trading strategies used can be profitable. The signals used in the program are extremely technical. For the user, the robots are able to start with a $250 minimum investment. The deposit is utilized by the system to execute trades. This is accomplished by an automated broker that is controlled. The role of the robot broker is to store the funds as well as make trading decisions for the user’s behalf.

Profits are usually earned through buying items at a bargain cost and then selling them for substantial profit. The software determines what deals are more lucrative and decides on the best deal according to that. The software’s developers made use of the most efficient equipment and techniques to create a platform that is as professional as is possible.

Trading Sessions

The duration of the sessions varies, however they is the decision of the player. The user has the option of deciding what time the session will be, and the amount of payouts are made at the conclusion of the automated calculation. Modifications to the trading session can take place at any point.

Financial Freedom

If you’re looking for financial freedom, then the Bitcoin Method trading platform is among the best options to start. Making extra money is what everyone needs. If you don’t have the time to invest in live trading and you want to earn extra money, this Bitcoin Method software is what you’ll need. The software has already verified to be effective. The risk involved is minimal however, there are significant probabilities of earning huge earnings.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin Method as a Trading Option

Payouts that are high and with high winning rates is essential for every trading professional. This is among the main reasons why traders should look into using trading software like The Crypto Method. As it is among the most effective software that has been tested to offer users high returns, it has earned not only recognition but also a high ranking in the crypto industry.

Payouts and Win Rates

With the claims of crypto Method with high success rates Predictions made and implemented are based on algorithms that have been developed. Daily earnings vary based on the users and their investments. It is crucial to recognize the risks that come with trading robots. Capital losses are common in any trading system, therefore, it is essential to take decisions based on the software that has more attention like Crypto Method.

Accuracy of Trading Predictions

The Bitcoin robot is believed to have high levels of accuracy in making predictions. The process of completing and selecting transactions are precisely scrutinized, and at the end of the day the gains are transfered to the account of the user instantly.

User Experience

According to the users, that experience with the platform has proved to be efficient. The security and the capability to utilize more cryptocurrency kinds have also been beneficial for users. The beta testers of the platform have also given positive reviews of the trading platforms prior to getting it open for the general public to use. These are the points customers have enjoyed on the platform, each when they make a trade.


Customers who have tried the Crypto Method trading software have shared their experiences with those looking to utilize the software. Based on their experiences it is secure and safe. The software doesn’t come with any learning curve as it’s simple for any person to begin. When it comes to withdrawals of the funds it’s fast and straight to the point. You don’t have to worry about the possibility of leaking personal information because of the security measures employed in the program.

Crypto Coins

The crypto currencies that are associated with crypto methods are numerous as they are. The crypto coins that are utilized for trading are Bitcoin, Monero, NEO, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash. Additionally, it allows users to trade in other markets.

Getting Started

For anyone who is a novice beginning with Bitcoin Method might be one of the most beneficial alternatives. The process of opening a trading account must be no cost, however, the use of this program is restricted, based on your location. It might not be accessible in all countries. The process of signing up will determine the eligibility of you dependent on where you live. In just a few seconds you’ll be able to start trading as little as is possible. The steps below are steps to follow to establish your trading account with Crypto Method.


The registration process is the first step to be taken before you can even begin trading. It is essential to complete all the necessary information incorrectly. The information that you need include your first name, the last name, the current telephone number, and the email address that is active. After you’ve filled in your details select the Get Started option. A broker trading board will show up.

Broker connection

Following registration then it’s the time to connect with an agent, which typically is a licensed one. The process of partnering with a broker through Crypto Method Crypto Method program is easy. This is crucial since it is a requirement in of the system for trading. Making the user an authorized broker is easy, as only regulated brokers are included.

Some trading platforms employ fraudulent robots, which are designed to trick customers into using brokers that aren’t licensed. This can make it easier to lose your investment. This makes it easier to lose your investments. Crypto method guarantees that all the brokers it employs are CFD certified. To better understand what the Crypto Method functions, you can use their demo account made available prior to beginning any trading activity.

Depositing Funds

It is only possible to deposit money into the account once the procedure is successful. The broker will provide the customer with a variety of options for how the payment process can be completed. In order to begin you must make a minimum deposit of $250 or more is required to be made into the account. The account might require an upload of additional documents to be confirmed to the computer.

Live Trading

When you’ve completed the above steps the trading process is ready to going. By turning on the autopilot, you allow the program to begin working in the manner it was programmed to. It will start scanning the markets for trading and making trading predictions on its own. As you begin, it’s essential to check your account as closely as you can in order to know how it functions. This will give you insight into how it functions and assist you in making better decisions in the future.

Bitcoin is an automated trading system that is suitable for beginners and professionals. With a deposit minimum of $250 The platform was created in order to offer a chance to the most people possible to trade. According to reviews by other users, the application has been very successful.

Potential of the Platform

The Bitcoin method will allow you to earn consistently. The more trading sessions you participate in and the more likely you are of earning profit. The amount of money you invest can be greater than the minimum amount of $250. It is completely free for any person who would like to begin trading. No matter if you’re using a smartphone or laptop, the account is able to be created on all devices at any moment.


Investors have certainly increased in their use of bitcoin method. Bitcoin Method platform. Due to the increasing profitability on the cryptocurrency market the number of investors entering the market to take advantage of the latest technology made. The profit generated by this market are huge. This is why it’s not too late to start investing.


Everyday Trading

Most of the time it is the most effective method to employ. Making money on a daily basis is achievable.

Saving Profits

Reinvesting profits and savings capital is another important approach for trader. The platform lets you preserve the profits and use the profits to make more profitable trades.

Investment in the Minimum First Deposit

Begining with the minimum amount of money will give the user a starting point that allows them to invest more money. The growth in profits is a great direction to becoming an expert in the business of trading by using platforms that trade, like Bitcoin method.

Mobile App

At the moment the mobile version isn’t yet created yet, however the platform is also access via the mobile browsers. It’s as easy as it appears.

Trading Skills and Experience

Many people believe they need some type of experience in trading to begin. However, this is not the case when using trading software, such as Bitcoin Method. All you need to do is to follow a few steps to begin trading. Earning money even on the initial deposit is possible. Thanks to the platform, even the smallest amount you invest could go a long ways to increase your income within a matter of hours or minutes. The first step is crucial to be able to enter the market as quickly as possible , before it becomes overcrowded. Monitoring the developments in trading and cryptocurrency can help you to make better decisions when using the capabilities provided by the system.


The advantages of using Bitcoin Method over Bitcoin Method among other cryptocurrency trading programs is the speed. This is the best chance to make a bet on the future of automation to invest. The quicker you are on board, the faster you can earn and become part of the next generation of currencies. Before you begin it is advised to be as knowledgeable as you can about trading in cryptocurrency to make the most value from your money.

To date it appears that until now, Bitcoin technique continues to be employed and growing more quickly than it was thought to have been. This is a great resource to grasp the basics of online trading specifically making use of bitcoin method. Bitcoin Method platform. The automated system has eased the burden of work required, and all you have to do is be patiently waiting for your profits.

De centrale bank van Zweden voltooit de eerste fase van het proefproject met digitale valuta

De Sveriges Riksbank zei dat de CBDC-technologie nog nader onderzoek vereist.

Na het voltooien van de eerste fase van zijn proefproject met digitale valuta, heeft Sveriges Riksbank enkele kritieke problemen ontdekt die moeten worden aangepakt voordat Stockholmers koffie en kanelbullar met e-kronen kunnen kopen.

In een recente studie presenteerde de Zweedse centrale bank de eerste resultaten van haar pilot met digitale valuta voor de centrale bank op een netwerk gebaseerd op de Corda-blockchain van R3

De Riksbank simuleerde kernaspecten van een potentieel CBDC-systeem, inclusief liquiditeitsvoorziening via het afwikkelingssysteem van de Riksbank, RIX, en netwerkleden die als e-kronor-distributeurs fungeren. De centrale bank simuleerde ook deelnemers, eindgebruikers en betaalinstrumenten zoals mobiele apps.

De Riksbank zei dat de nieuwe CBDC-technologie verder moet worden onderzocht, waarbij schaalbaarheid een belangrijk knelpunt vormt.

“De oplossing die in fase één van de e-krona-pilot is getest, voldoet aan de prestatie-eisen die gesteld zijn bij de openbare aanbesteding. Maar dit heeft plaatsgevonden in een beperkte testomgeving en het vermogen van de nieuwe technologie om retailbetalingen op grote schaal te beheren, moet verder worden onderzocht en getest ”, aldus het rapport.

De centrale bank merkte ook enkele privacy-uitdagingen op en benadrukte dat de informatie in een e-krona-transactie moet worden beschermd om de wetten op het bankgeheim te handhaven en te vermijden dat persoonlijke gegevens worden onthuld.

„De Riksbank analyseert momenteel in hoeverre de informatie die is opgeslagen in de transactiegeschiedenis kan worden beschouwd als informatie die onder het bankgeheim valt en of het persoonsgegevens omvat“, aldus de bank

Mithra Sundberg, hoofd van Riksbank’s e-krona pilot-divisie in Stockholm, zei dat het Zweedse CBDC waarschijnlijk een nieuw wettelijk kader nodig heeft voordat het kan worden gebruikt. Gezien de omvang van de problemen die moeten worden aangepakt voordat een e-kroon serieus kan worden ontwikkeld, mag Riksbank doorgaan met zijn blockchain-pilots tot 2026.

Riksbank verklaarde dat het zijn overeenkomst met boekhoudgigant Accenture als technische leverancier zal verlengen om door te gaan met het testen van e-kronen. De focus voor de tweede fase zal zich richten op potentiële distributeurs van de e-kroon, CBDC-prestaties in retailbetalingen en opslagmethoden. In de nieuwe fase zullen ook offline e-kronenfunctionaliteit en integratie met bestaande betaalautomaten worden getest.

Zoals eerder gemeld, is Zweden naar voren gekomen als een van ’s werelds eerste CBDC-ontdekkingsreizigers en heeft het eind 2019 een proefplatform voor de e-kroon aangekondigd .

Chinas Haltung gegenüber BTC erschüttert

BTC erholt sich weiter, da Chinas Haltung gegenüber BTC erschüttert

  • Chinas Innere Mongolei, ein langjähriger Favorit von Minern aufgrund seiner billigen Elektrizität, hat bis April alle Mining-Projekte verboten.
  • Dies folgt den ersten skizzierten Vorschlägen zur Verhinderung von Kryptowährungs-Mining, die von chinesischen Behörden im Jahr 2018 veröffentlicht wurden.
  • Unterdessen erholt sich der Preis von Bitcoin (BTC) inmitten der Berichte der chinesischen Regierung.

Das Trust Project ist ein internationales Konsortium von Nachrichtenorganisationen, das Standards für Transparenz entwickelt.

Am 25. Februar veröffentlichte die Entwicklungs- und Reformkommission der Inneren Mongolei einen Regierungsentwurf, der das Mining von BTC und Crypto Cash Kryptowährungen ernsthaft betrifft. Er besagt, dass alle derartigen Projekte in der Region bis Ende April geschlossen werden müssen.

Die Richtlinie kommt, nachdem Chinas oberster Wirtschaftsplaner, die Nationale Entwicklungs- und Reformkommission (NDRC), sagte, dass die Innere Mongolei die einzige Provinz ist, die die Energieverschwendung im Jahr 2019 nicht einschränkt. Der hohe Energieverbrauch von BTC könnte der Hauptgrund für diese Entscheidung sein.

Das Ziel der laufenden Bemühungen der chinesischen Behörden ist es, den Energieverbrauch bis 2021 auf fast 1,9 % zu reduzieren.

Pekings Kohlenstoffemissionsverpflichtung gegenüber BTC

Der Entwurf des Plans besagt auch, dass die Region in diesem Jahr die Emissionen pro Einheit des Bruttoinlandsprodukts (BIP) um 3% senken will. Das zusätzliche Wachstum des Energieverbrauchs soll bei etwa fünf Millionen Tonnen Standardkohle kontrolliert werden. Dies könnte ein Echtzeit-Zeichen für die Umweltbedenken sein, die Bitcoin umgeben.

Wie der chinesische Krypto-Mining-Nachrichtenanbieter Wu Blockchain getwittert hat, ist die Beendigung der stromfressenden Mining-Praxis auch ein Teil von „Chinas Engagement für das weltweite Kohlenstoff-Emissionsziel im Jahr 2020.“

Der Journalist fügte hinzu, dass die Innere Mongolei schon immer mehr Einschränkungen für das Mining von Kryptowährungen hatte. Unterdessen haben die anderen drei großen Bergbauprovinzen – Xinjiang, Sichuan und Yunnan – „vorerst keine Maßnahmen ergriffen.“

Einschränkung des BTC-Minings in den nächsten Jahren?

Die Ankündigung wird in der gesamten Bergbauindustrie viel diskutiert. Chinas Regierung übt seit Jahren Druck auf diesen Sektor aus und begründet dies mit Sorgen über Energieverschwendung, Spekulationsblasen und Betrug.

Die Innere Mongolei ist bekannt für ihre preiswerte Energie. Vor dem Verbot hatte die Region laut dem Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index über 8% der weltweiten Bitcoin (BTC) Mining-Rechenleistung auf sich vereint.

Insgesamt hat China den größten durchschnittlichen monatlichen Hash-Raten-Einbruch von mehr als 65%.

Es gibt Befürchtungen, dass China das Mining von Kryptowährungen vollständig auslöschen könnte. Seit 2017 hat Peking Initial Coin Offerings verboten und den Handel mit virtuellen Währungen innerhalb des Landes behindert. Daher sind viele Akteure im Mining-Bereich, wie Bitmain Technologies Ltd. ins Ausland gezogen, was dazu führte, dass Chinas größter Anteil am Mining um 25 % sank.

Bitcoin ist wieder auf dem Vormarsch

In Anbetracht der jüngsten Nachrichten aus der Inneren Mongolei hat sich Bitcoin wieder erholt, nachdem es am 28. Februar kurzzeitig die Marke von $43.000 erreicht hatte. Der Preis von BTC wird sich nun wahrscheinlich allmählich wieder in Richtung $50.000 bewegen, da die wöchentlichen technischen Indikatoren bullisch zu sein scheinen.

Zum Zeitpunkt der Drucklegung wird das Flaggschiff der Kryptowährung bei etwas über $48.100 gehandelt und hat laut CoinGecko innerhalb von 24 Stunden fast 8% zugelegt. Seine Marktkapitalisierung hat fast genähert $900 Milliarden.

Narkotikahandel brugte ‚i stigende grad‘ Bitcoin-pengeautomater til at hjælpe ulovlige overførsler i 2020

Ifølge det amerikanske justitsministeriums Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) var narkotikahandlere i stigende grad afhængige af krypto-pengeautomater for at hjælpe ulovlige pengeoverførsler sidste år.

DEA bemærkede også en stigning i tilbagetrækning af BTC

DEA bemærkede også en stigning i tilbagetrækning af Bitcoin Code hos mange mørke webudbydere sidste år, som frygtede „tab af midler.“ DEA erklærede, at Covid-indførte lockdowns i 2020 forsinkede overførsel af narkotika, hvilket fik midler til at forblive i spærring i længere perioder, hvilket kunne devaluere, før forhandlerne var i stand til at udbetale.

Midt i pandemien begrænsede især grænsebegrænsninger mellem USA og Mexico den fysiske pengestrøm. Da penge sidder fast i USA-baserede menneskehandlere, blev det at bruge krypto-pengeautomater en måde for narkohandlere at overføre penge på.

Det skal bemærkes, at selv crypto-pengeautomater formodes at overholde AML-love svarende til andre finansielle serviceselskaber. DEA hævdede, at nogle krypto-pengeautomatejere hjælper med at skjule narkotikaprovenu og er ”menneskehandlere” og inkorporerer kryptovaluta i handelsbaseret hvidvaskning af TBML-aktivitet.

Undersøgere fandt også, at efter store mængder kontanter konverteres til krypto via disse pengeautomater; kontanterne i maskinen “integreres derefter i pengeautomatens ejeromsætning” for tilsyneladende at “skjule oprindelsen af midlerne.”

“ Ud over at være „unoterede“

Sådanne krypto-pengeautomater, der bruges til at lette forbrydelser, er ofte lowkey og udelukkende brugt af „hvidvaskere og kurerer.“ Ud over at være „unoterede“ kan disse pengeautomater endda være utilgængelige til offentlig brug.

Der er tæt på 13.775 Bitcoin-pengeautomater i USA. rapporten nævnte ikke noget specifikt antal pengeautomater, der var involveret i den påståede aktivitet. Imidlertid sagde 2020 National Drug Threat Assessment, som blev offentliggjort den 2. marts:

Værdien af det oprindelige lægemiddel fortsætter, nu i en virtuel form, kan let overføres til en anden bruger af den virtuelle valuta øjeblikkeligt, hvilket fjerner meget af risikoen forbundet med transport af store mængder bulkvaluta.

I 2020 modtog darknet-markeder, der tilbyder ulovlige stoffer og råvarer, i alt 1,7 milliarder dollars i kryptokurrency. Beboere baseret i USA alene sendte 115 millioner dollars til darknet-markeder og modtog 64 millioner dollars. Samlet set er den samlede værdi, som folk i USA sendes til eller modtager fra darknet-markeder, $ 179 millioner.

Bearish for BTC: Nigeria’s central bank apparently wants to ban Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is getting ready for a rise to the next all-time high – but the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is currently reminding financial services providers that trading in cryptocurrencies is prohibited. The letter, signed by Director Bello Hassan, warns of severe regulatory sanctions for those who fail to adhere to the directive.

Hassan says financial services providers must identify Cryptosoft trading and immediately close accounts associated with that action.

„Accordingly, all DMBs, NBFIs and OFIs are instructed to identify persons and / or companies who operate or operate cryptocurrency exchanges in their systems and to ensure that such accounts are closed immediately.“

This, the bank believes, is necessary to protect against the risks associated with cryptocurrency.

Nigeria is the largest cryptocurrency market in Africa

Trading cryptocurrencies is not illegal in Nigeria. However, the CBN has a dire view of the private digital currency sector.

In 2018, they issued a statement stating that cryptocurrencies are not recognized as legal tender. They also warned that there was no going back should something go wrong.

Even so, Nigeria is still the largest cryptocurrency market in Africa. Indeed, a confluence of reasons makes Africa ripe for digital currency expansion. These include poor access to banking services, a young, tech-savvy population and the instability of the local currency.

Ekene Ojieh, director of public relations at analytics firm Buffalo Chase, addressed several of these points, saying:

“It is easy for a young country like Nigeria to adopt the use of Bitcoin because a large percentage of the population falls into the age group that is tech savvy. Although, that’s not the only reason many Nigerian youth are adopting bitcoin.

Nigerian youths are more likely to buy bitcoins or secure their assets in stablecoins because the naira, like any other fiat currency, is vulnerable to inflation.

Based on this statement, it appears that the CBN is fighting a losing battle.

Indian central bank is also taking action against Bitcoin

That said, the CBN isn’t the only central bank renewing its efforts to crack down on cryptocurrencies. Much like Nigeria, the authorities in India are waging an uphill battle to suppress the cryptocurrency industry.

The Indian Supreme Court overturned a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) decision that banned banks from trading cryptocurrencies in March last year.

However, the legislature recently presented the „Cryptocurrency and Regulation of Official Digital Currency Bill“. This law provides a framework for a central bank digital currency while banning private digital currencies.

Nischal Shetty, the founder of the WazirX crypto exchange, has stepped up his # IndiaWantsCrypto campaign. He is calling for a popular response by contacting members of parliament to oppose the bill.

Bitcoin crashes, but the DeFi sector holds against it: The reasons!

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) was one of the few sectors in the crypto space that benefited this week. While Bitcoin (BTC) has been moving down for more than two weeks, some DeFi tokens have been able to gain significantly over the same period.

What is the reason for this and what news did DeFi not break in this week?

After the extreme Bitcoin Revolution price rally of the last few months, it is only normal for investors to take profits. Still, the strength of the DeFi sector is surprising. The DeFi ETF token (DPI) was only able to increase by just under five percent last week, but compared to a price decline of almost 20 percent for BTC, this is a remarkable performance.

The price driving the index this week was primarily the Aave (AAVE) lending project, which rose by 28.3 percent on a weekly basis. But other DeFi projects such as SushiSwap (SUSHI) or Uniswap (UNI) performed well this week .

In addition, the total value locked indicator, which shows how much capital is deposited in the entire DeFi sector, was relatively unaffected by the Bitcoin crash.

Total Value Locked DeFi Pulse

Total capital in DeFi logs fell 3.63 percent from $ 23.42 billion to $ 22.57 billion at press time. But what were the reasons for the continued strong performance of the DeFi sector?

Bitcoin-Mining-Schwierigkeit steigt um 10%

Bitcoin-Mining-Schwierigkeit wird auf über 20 Billionen steigen

Miner halten ihre BTC in der Hoffnung auf einen anhaltenden Bullenlauf für die Branche

Der Schwierigkeitsgrad, der mit dem Mining von Bitcoin verbunden ist, ist gerade um 10% gestiegen. Dies wurde von bekannt gemacht, die zeigten, dass das Niveau auf über 20 Billionen steigen würde. Dies markiert auch den größten Anstieg im Bitcoin-Mining in den letzten vier Monaten.

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Die aktuelle Hash-Rate von Bitcoin liegt bei etwa 148 EH/s und der Schwierigkeitsgrad steigt tendenziell immer dann an, wenn 2016 Blöcke gemined wurden. Diese steigende Schwierigkeitsrate sorgt dafür, dass die durchschnittliche Zeit zwischen jedem abgebauten Block bei 10 Minuten bleibt.

Ein beliebter Händler auf der Krypto-Raum, hodlonaut, hatte früher hervorgehoben, dass, wenn der Schwierigkeitsgrad der führenden Krypto-Asset neu eingestellt, es würde über die 20 Billionen Marke für die erste in der Geschichte des Vermögenswertes steigen.

Im Allgemeinen, die Schwierigkeit Metrik wird verwendet, um zu verfolgen, wie schwer Bitcoin Bergbau sein kann.

Bei erhöhter Bitcoin-Mining-Schwierigkeit verkaufen die Miner nicht

Trotz der steigenden Hash-Rate und der erhöhten Schwierigkeitsstufe, die mit dem Bitcoin-Mining verbunden ist, sind die Miner unbeirrt geblieben, da sie weiterhin mehr Ressourcen in das Netzwerk investiert haben.

Seit Mai letzten Jahres, als sich Bitcoin halbierte, sind die Zahlen der BTC-Abflüsse von Minern deutlich zurückgegangen. Dies ist seltsam, wenn man bedenkt, dass der Wert von Bitcoin seit Anfang des Jahres immens gestiegen ist und sogar die 40k$-Marke überschritten hat.

Der aktuelle Miners Position Index (MPI) deutet ebenfalls darauf hin, dass die Miner verkaufen sollten, da seine Daten zeigen, dass das Verhältnis von Bitcoin, das die Wallets der Miner verlässt, bei 4,5 liegt. Wann immer der Wert dieses Verhältnisses 2 übersteigt, wird erwartet, dass die Miner verkaufen sollten.

Die Miner haben sich jedoch zurückgehalten zu verkaufen, zumal die Reserven einiger Krypto-Börsen zu sinken begonnen haben und der Preis immer noch steigt, was auf einen sich beschleunigenden Aufwärtstrend hindeutet.

Dies könnte erklären, warum sie nicht verkauft haben, da sie möglicherweise suchen, um mehr Vorteile aus der anhaltenden Krypto-Industrie Hausse zu gewinnen, die einige Analysten vorhergesagt haben, würde das ganze Jahr lang dauern.